My Bobbito Garcia Story

by June

As some of you know I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with Bobbito Garcia.  I’m currently interning at his agency, Project 2050.  This dude is the ultimate jack of all trades.  He’s a very influencial figure and a very chill dude.  So apparently him and Pro-Keds are working on a collabo shoe.  I’ll try to get more info from him, maybe he’ll grant me and my small time blog an interview.  There’s always hope.

Funny story: So the agency threw a welcome party for Bob and he was spinning, alongside Rich Medina.  I’m working the event, helping out with the guestlist and making sure our installations were running smoothly.  Towards the end of the night we had these exclusive mixtapes of old cuts from Bob’s radio show with Stretch Armstrong that we were going to give out to everyone in attendence.  Now, before the night started I had left the box with the CD’s behind the DJ Booth.  Ok, so Bob is in the middle of his set and I go back there to reach for the box, and mind you it was a very tight space.  So Bob is an old-school DJ, he still uses 45’ records !  As I get up and turn to walk out the booth I ended up knocking over a bunch of his records ! Classic and irreplaceable records all over the floor.  I just looked at him and he looked at me, and I went to go pick them up and he just waved me off.  I was like FUCK, Bobbito Garcia hates me.  That just ruined the rest of my night.  There I was trying to make a great impression as super-intern and my clumsy ass knocked down his records.  But, there were no hard feelings and he was mad cool afterwards.   That’s probably one of my most embarrasing moments.