My Take On Iverson's Retirement

by June

Allen Iverson has always kept it real, but this retirement is an example of when “keeping it real goes wrong.” Allen Iverson retiring is really messing with me.  I remember when he came into the league and became a superstar.  He represented a lot more than just the game of basketball, as he was the role model to any kid with a hoop dream, who was playing on a court with a chain net. He merged hip-hop and basketball unlike anyone before him. He will forever be a sports icon in Philly.  His years in Denver were productive.  Detroit was a failed experiment, and his 3 games with Memphis were a joke.  What kills me is that while Iverson claims he is going out on his terms, I highly doubt that this is how he would have wanted it to end: As a free agent during mid-season. I hate the way the last few seasons of his career played out. I hope this isn’t the last we see of A.I.  I’m really rooting for him to comeback and get a ring.  He still has a lot to offer any organization, but Iverson must realize that his career is on the decline and he must learn to accept a different role.  And even if he still has the same game he did 5 years ago, then he needs to show that on the court, and not by talking to the media.  Regardless, this guy is still a first ballot Hall of Famer, no question; he is The Answer.