Fresh Start

by June

It is now 5:55 AM 6:26AM (insomnia, at this point, has become status quo), and I just finished transferring all of my old posts from Tumblr to this WordPress blog.  I enjoyed Tumblr’s simplicity, but WordPress provides me a little bit more versatility.  The site is still being tweaked and a lot of the aesthetics still need altering, but I’m comfortable enough with it that I have gone live.

I’m going to take this in a different direction.  Everything you see before this post is from my old blog.  The reason that I spent time transferring my old posts was because there is still some value in them, so feel free to take a peek.  This time around, I want to make this more interactive.  So feel free to comment and I’ll be opening up video responses as well.  I will try to give you more in-depth analysis into our culture, but I also plan on keeping it concise.

Besides indulging in our culture, I plan to take the time to meet and connect people.  There are many young and driven entrepreneurs out there, each of them with a unique story.  Each of them with a unique dream.  I want to meet them, help them share their stories, and hopefully, offer you inspiration.

Sit tight while I lift this thing off the ground.  Bookmark this page and feel free to share anything on here.