Is Helping Haiti A Trend ?

by June

By now, everyone is aware of the massive destruction that happened in Haiti due to an extremely violent earthquake.  Hundreds of thousands of people are presumed dead and many more wounded or homeless.  I first heard of the news while I was on my way out of the gym and looking through my tweets.  As the day progressed the tweets and Facebook status updates were almost all the same; people encouraging others to help.

But it seems that at some point, the thought of helping and making others think that you are concerned has become a substitute for actually helping.  What I’m noticing is that people that I know don’t pray are saying that they will put the people of Haiti in their prayers.  I also see many of the people that are telling others to donate, haven’t done so themselves.  So are people putting up status updates and tweets just because everyone else is?  Just because it’s a trending topic ?  I’m not speaking to the majority, I know plenty of people who have helped out, however they can.  I’m speaking to the few that are pretending to because it will make their statuses and tweets look like everyone else’s.

If you want to help, here are a few links:

If you have more let me know and I’ll put them up.