Diesel Thinks You're Stupid

by June

Diesel is launching their new “Be Stupid” campaign and it’s encouraging their consumers to try different things and live a full life (whatever that means).  The campaign includes online, outdoor ads showcasing “stupid” acts, and social media components.

In order to engage consumers in “stupid” activities, Diesel is offering the opportunity to be one of the 100 people featured in their new music video.  On top of that you also gain some exposure by traffic being pushed to your personal website or social network.

Unfortunately, I think this “stupid” campaign in genius.  We live in a society where there’s a direct correlation between youth and stupidity.  So much so that it is actually embraced.  Many people in my age bracket feel that being stupid and making mistakes is not something that happens but instead have made it an objective.  How many times have people knowingly made a bad decision and have justified it by saying, “I’m young, I’m supposed to make mistakes,” failing to realize that once you set out to make a bad decision it is no longer a “mistake,” it is then intentional.  Are these views shaped by ads like this or are ads like this shaped by the thoughts of the consumer? Share your thoughts.