NBA All-Star Weekend Experience

by June

I apologize for my extended hiatus, I’ve been balancing school work, passion projects, and freelance work.  But, I’m back and plan on taking care of my blog and continuing to expand it.

I got the opportunity to fly out to Dallas for NBA All-Star weekend where I was working as a project coordinator for the 23/25 Jordan Energy space.  But I’m not going to talk too much about the event itself because a quick Google search can give you all the information and pictures that you need about the event itself (and it’s already been a little over a week since it took place). What I will spend some time on is just my personal experiences out there.  A random story that I will share through some random pictures and random narrative:

The Invite

So I get off the plane at DFW Airport and I’m searching for the “Restroom” (how pretentious of me), no luck with that but I did find the “Toilets.”

DFW Airport Keeps It Simple

After getting my bags, I hopped in a cab toward the hotel.  As I’m taking in the scene I notice that the entire city is branded for NBA All-Star Weekend.

Dallas Set For All-Star Weekend

Although the trip was A LOT of WORK and the days were ridiculously long, I was blessed to have been down there with a dope crew.  We made things happen! The things that go on behind the scenes are beyond words, it’s an experience.

Project 2050 Crew With The Spizikes

What a scene at the Aloft when T.O. had his party there.  Girls were walking around with gold leather pants, thinking that they actually were being stylish.  I guess some things are different down south.

Aloft Hotel

The laser customization was dope.  They could do just about anything.  Besides sneakers, some people got jackets, Macbooks, and iPhones done; I customized my Fiji water bottle (only to lose it later that day).

@JrPezzotti's Water Bottle

Random Story: Let me start off by saying that I had never been pulled over and I’ve been driving for over 7 years now (you already know where this is going).  So it’s about 1am and we had finished closing shop for the day at the space and we decide to head out to Jack-in-the-Box.  So I plug the directions into the GPS and I take off into the night.  Only thing was that the damn GPS would tell me when to turn at the last possible second.  So I get to an intersection and the street seems wide, so I make a left turn, well, too bad it was a one way street.  As soon as I realize it I see the flashing lights.  Now, I had like 2 beers earlier that evening, by this time I was fine but I was just paranoid.  Like I said, I had never been pulled over, and the first time that it happens, it happens in a random location in Texas.  A bunch of stereotypes started going through my head.  Here I was, a young Latino from out-of-town driving in a new Lincoln Navigator, you know I was expecting the worst.  So the cop rushes to the car and before I can even say “Good Evening Officer,” he says, and I quote: “Dude, you’re going the wrong way.  Turn around.”

And that was it.   He went back into his car and sped away.  Didn’t ask me for my license or anything. Dude? He called me DUDE?!  Just told me that and left.  Talk about getting lucky! Then the damn Jack-in-the-Box was around the corner.  Needless to say, I won’t forget my first adventure to Jack-in-the-Box.

Finally Had Some Jack-In-The-Box

Meet Kyle.  He was our videographer for the event and my roommate for half the stay.  This dude pulled some, well, interesting pieces out of his wardrobe.  Did you know that Vanilla Ice was from Dallas?  I didn’t either until everyone pointed it out because Kyle wore the sweater of a 12-year-old girl in 1990.

Ice Ice Baby

In The Lone Star State Gear

Wale had the best performance of the weekend.  He brought an amazing energy when he hit the stage and you could tell he was a true fan of the Jordan Brand.  After his set he signed autographs for some people.  One of our brand ambassadors got his AJ Alpha1’s signed.  When someone went up to Wale with a Reebok shoe, he just looked at him and said “I’m not signing that.”  Well played Wale, well played.


Shouts to all the brand ambassadors, it was a pleasure working with and meeting all of you.  Dallas showed me a lot of love so it has a special place in my heart.  I might even root for the Mavs if I catch them on TV.