Kickball With Joe Budden

by June

Joe Budden has been setting up kickball games for his Twitter followers and today was the second game I played in.  It’s an epic battle between Team Verified and Team Slaughtermouse (Of which I am a member of).  We had a chance to pull a win in the second game but Team Slaughtermouse made some costly mistakes and Team Verified came back to win it 8-7.  All in all it was a fun time.  A lot of us that came to the first one have become cool.

From a social media perspective, Joe Budden has truly become the people’s champ and has connected with his fans unlike any other artist.  He’s really hit the nail on the head and his growing popularity can, in some ways, be attributed to his command of social media and allowing accessibility.

Peep Joe’s post game press conference with select members of the media after an epic kickball game. #teamverifed vs. #teamslaughtermouse … The battle continues.

UPDATE: Game highlights courtesy of Da Fam Inc

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