Welcome To The Future…Where Consumers Are Copywriters

by June

I haven’t been caught up in the World Cup frenzy.  With that said, I understand its importance to a large portion of the world’s population.  There isn’t any avoiding it.  I tuned in to watch the Boondocks last night and Adult Swim had the sound of the vuvuzelas over every commercial (annoying but it made sense, so I gotta respect it).  My Twitter timeline and Facebook news feed let’s me know that there was some sort of 7-0 blowout today (that’s just embarrassing, I don’t even see that happening in soccer video games).  So I’ve kept my tabs from a distance.  But the dopest thing (to me) has nothing to do with the game, but rather with how Nike integrated social media with out-of-home advertising.  The integration with the ‘Write The Future’ campaign is seamless. Check the video out and see for yourself.  Social media continues to take steps forward.  Who were the silly people that thought it was a fad?