NYC Excursion

by June

Yesterday I decided to take my talents across the Hudson and ventured over to the New York side of things.  Got together with the homie Dave (@davidecid) and checked out some of the fashion trade shows going in the city.  Now, I’m not much of a fashionista but I do respect the hustle and grind of all these designers.  For those that don’t know, these trade shows are set up to show buyers (aka retailers) the new collections coming out next season so that buyers can place their orders.  Our first stop lead us to Chelsea where we peeped the ENK trade show. We walked around the venue (which used to be The Tunnel) and made our rounds past the different displays.  Then went to go check in with our good friends at Public School.  Shouts to my fellow Knicks fan, Max (@bymaxwell) for putting in work.  Max also designs a line called Black Apple and those pieces are super dope.  Fellas, make sure you have a piece from either Public School or Black Apple in your wardrobe.  Also, got to see my fellow frat brother Damon (also with Public School).  He showed me some crazy pictures of his spot out in Hong Kong…WOW!  At some point soon I gotta make my way out there.

Black Apple Collection

After ENK we walked a couple blocks down to the Capsule event.  Here’s the moment of truth…we didn’t even really peep any of the displays.  We went straight to the rooftop and enjoyed the sun, music, and free drinks courtesy of Belvedere!  We just kicked it on the rooftop having conversations and people-watching.

Spiked Iced-Tea on a Summer Evening

Rooftop Flow

Once they closed down the open bar it was time to roll to the next stop.  Headed over to an event for the Latin Mixx Conference.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I did know that there was free Coors and Nuvo (if you’re into that).  They had this nifty photo booth set up which I took full advantage of.  DJ was going IN on some old-school hip-hop (every time he switched the track I would make that “disgusted” face that people make when someone gets dunked on LOL).  Met up with some friends out there, shared some drinks, shared some laughs.  Overall good summer fun.

Making Faces Never Gets Old