Summer of Kickball

by June

Little did I know that a childhood school yard game would be one of the highlights of Summer 2010.  But like all good things, The Summer of Kickball has come to an end.  It was a fun experience that I doubt anyone will forget.  After Game 1 when people were still in Joe Budden “Stan” mode, it really became competitive.  If you were there you will remember all the arguments and close calls that would extend the game another 15 minutes.

I will say this, despite all the negativity that Joe Budden gets, he has to be one of the humblest artists ever.  He’s just a regular cat from Jersey City.  From playing kickball to having me and my boy Dave over his home for some Monopoly, I can’t imagine many other artists doing the same for their fans.

In the end, Team SlaughterMouse lost in Game 7 to Team Verified in a game that was over after the 4th inning.  Nonetheless it was a fun experience all summer long and it was a dope way to connect with people.  Shouts to everyone that played this summer.

Peep the Game 7 highlights courtesy of the homie Phella from Da Fam Inc.




The Summer heat brought kickball…

Will the Autumn breeze bring some flag football?  Who’s down?