Privacy Settings

by June

If we have had a conversation recently, then you most likely know about my recent discontent with social networks.  Everyone seems to be concerned with their privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter, yet they forget to place privacy settings on themselves.  I log onto these social networks and I’m just ambushed by too much private information that I should not know.  Have we sacrificed our sense of privacy and self-disclosure for some comments and retweets ?  Have we traded the advice of our best friends and confidants for the faceless masses of “Friends” and “Followers”?

I know, I know…it’s your status or tweet and you can do what you want with it.  Understood.  But let’s keep it consistent folks.  There are people who don’t think twice about sharing private information about their life on the internet, yet tell you, “I don’t like having people in my business”, if you try to comment on it in real life. Huh?  It’s almost like people forget or neglect the fact that the internet is actually made up of…get this…REAL PEOPLE! Go figure.

I see people posting things up that make ME embarressed for THEM!  Some of these people are the most reserved people in the real world, but online it’s like they are someone else.

Answer me this: If I took all of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and put them together in a giant auditorium, would you go on stage and say half of the things that you’ve posted online?