The Plan

by June

Nothing better than a beautiful, cold, and wet Monday morning, huh?  I might be a hermit for the next month or so, just working on projects and balancing that with life.  A plan is important.  People often don’t plan because they fall on the excuse that “things never turn out the way we plan.” Screw that. Sure, things happen along your path but you can’t let that road block deter you from your destination.  Where you plan to be is more important than how you plan to get there.  If you focus on the latter then you’ll be thrown off once life throws you a curveball.  Stick to the plan!

This is the official soundtrack for the next few weeks.

I was in my zone send flowers for opponents
tell em get well soon cause I aint in the mood
so if you read that word backwards it should spell doom
I’m on fire y’all can inhale fumes
as I zoom by ya as ya thinking who’s higher
fueled by a desire you should admire
that’s why I’m what they aspire to be before they retire
a livin’ legend with God given blessings
and game so cold they probably watching this in heaven
expectin’ the incredible so baby watch me do that
and make the angels say Lord how he do that