Facebook and Your Mom

by June

I’ve had a pending Facebook Friend request from my Mom for about 5 months now.  I just leave it there.  Constantly debating whether I should accept it or ignore it.  I mean, she is my Mom, and I don’t really have anything to hide from her.  But then again, she is, indeed, my MOM.  It’s funny, a few years ago my Mom wouldn’t even go anywhere near a computer.  Me being the Internet nerd that I am used to encourage her to try it out so that she can see and learn new things.  Well, I created a monster.  Now, she’s a social media junkie! She’s always on Facebook playing Farmville! In all seriousness, I’m happy she’s technologically literate and can maneuver her way in the digital world.  Besides, what kind of son would I be if I left her behind in the silly, make-believe physical world!

Came across this SNL skit which promoted this post:

Answer the poll question and leave some comments, I’m curious to see where you folks stand on the matter.