During My Commute

by June

Every now and again, the ordinary commute to and from work is given some color by certain people.  I’ve had some of these videos on my phone for weeks, even months.  I’ve decided to share.

There I was stuck in traffic on the bus and I looked out my window and saw THAT.  Needless to say I had to pull the camera out.  The chick next to me did as well.  You can hear her say “got it” as soon as she captured a shot.

What can I say? Sometimes the music is so good it just consumes you and you have to start breaking it down on the F train.

You have to watch this whole video and listen to this man.  This guy played WAY too much Call of Duty.  He tells us the truth about women, flat screen TVs, and cell phones. This is priceless!

SIDENOTE: When he starts counting numbers down I thought he was going to blow the train up.  Not gonna lie, I was a little scared.

I’ll keep posting anything of interest that I see during my commute.  If you see anything during your commute, make sure you share it!