A Look Back: 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend

by June

This time last year I was out in Dallas for NBA All-Star weekend, working through the 25th Anniversary event for Jordan Brand.  Man, I had a great time out there.  Shouts to everyone out in Dallas that I still keep in contact with.  As I was at the event space I shot a behind-the-scenes video that I wanted to post before the event.  I then opted against it because I didn’t want to risk losing the awe factor when people came into the space so I decided to keep the video on my hard drive.  I totally forget about it until I was recently looking through some old files and I found it.  So I figured today’s as good a day as any to post it, as it is Michael Jordan’s birthday and the eve before NBA All-Star Weekend 2011 begins in Los Angeles.

So that was the sneak peek, and here is the end result:

Jordan Brand 23/25 Energy Space
Dallas, TX- Feb. 2010

Nothing to see here....just me & MJ

Me Interviewing Chris Paul

Interviewing (future Knick) Carmelo Anthony

As fun as it is to look back, it’s even more fun to look ahead.  Let’s see what the 2011 All-Star Weekend in LA can offer.