West Coastin’: NBA All-Star Weekend 2011

by June

I spent the past weekend out in rainy/sunny Los Angeles enjoying the festivities of NBA All-Star Weekend. It was some groovy times.  I wish I had the words to illustrate my moments out west but I’m too distracted and occupied with trying to find ways to sneak into Madison Square Garden tonight to watch Carmelo’s Knicks debut.  So I leave you with some images shot on my iPhone and a selection of captions to accompany them.  Enjoy!

I probably should've moved over a bit and not blocked the sign...

I wonder if Kobe will get one of these?




West coastin' & postin' at Jack In The Box

From the "Across The Hudson" Fantasy Basketball Team, meet Brandon Jennings

Got the autograph for my little brother, and then I lost the damn thing.

What would LA be without Storm Troopers?!

Poolside lunch: Chicken Caesar Salad w/ an Original Mojito

Nice care package featuring the AJ2011's, courtesy of the good folks over at Jordan Brand

There I was at the airport, minding my own business, I look up and who do I see: Amar'e

Then I look up once again and see Amar'e with Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Overall, great times in LA.  Flew back to NYC with Amar’e Stoudemire and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, all a day in the life of Hollywood June.  Shouts to everyone I hung out with out there, you made it memorable.