I never realized until I tried to find a topic for this blog how many interests I had throughout my life.

As a kid I was into coloring (hated drawing), watching cartoons and cereal commercials (Saturday morning ritual), blowing my Nintendo cartridges for 20 minutes before I could actually play, collecting basketball cards (mostly role players, but some gems), being the class clown (a role that has a negative connotation, but my wittiness as a child has evolved into creativity as a young adult) watching the NBA on NBC (Knicks vs Heat/Bulls/Pacers), having my Ninja Turtle action figures battle my Power Rangers action figures, and believe it or not, I enjoyed going to church.

As I got into my teens I got into DJing(DJ Jr->DJ Fresh-> DJ Heart of the City ->DJ Heart), streetball (religiously), photography, writing rhymes, shoveling driveways after snow storms for quick cash (I didn’t sell drugs), going into chat rooms and trying to pick up girls (a/s/l), and of course, actually picking up real girls.

As a young, college educated adult I now enjoy the evolution of my liquor and beer knowledge, blogging (this is actually my 3rd attempt, but so far my best attempt), being a leader, stepping (yea, I pledged), fashion, social media, conspiracy theories (although I take them with a grain of salt), watching TV series on DVD, brand and consumer relationships, balancing my alter egos, and most importantly being a son, grandson, brother, friend, leader, confidant, and a source for creativity.

I’m always trying to impress myself.

“Dream Big, Live Bigger” – June Pezzotti