The Dream Big, Live Bigger Project

We’re all trying to get somewhere. Whether we are on the edge of leaping into a foreign world, grinding to bring our aspirations to life, or scaling up the corporate ladder we all share one truth in common – we all want to achieve something greater. Though our specific goals and objectives may differ, we actively pursue success and fulfillment in our lives. In our pursuit to achieve there are points of triumph, but there are also missteps and hardships that we face. All these points, as we navigate through our lives, are valuable because they are all part of our individual stories as we continue to push forward and look towards what is the next stage of our lives. It is indeed great when we can share with others the successes that we have fought hard for. Yet, there is passion, dedication and motivation behind the points of our stories where we did what we needed to do so we can get to the next step and help others along the way.

For every story that may be told to the world, there are ten that are not. The Dream Big, Live Bigger Project is made up of these other stories.

DBLB is for the thinkers, the creators, the connectors, the hustlers and the grinders that are constantly working towards something greater. It is for those who have visions in their dreams and awaken with the goal of making them reality. DBLB is a continuous digital story that embraces creativity and the hustle – documenting the various struggles, triumphs, passions and pursuits of those who hunger for more. Whether it is a point of inspiration, a networking platform, a toolbox of resources, or just another stop in your journey through the world wide web is up to you – take from the stories what you will. As with life – DBLB is what you take away and make of it.

The Dream Big, Live Bigger Project is as much yours as it is ours, because if you can identify with any part of what we just said – you are already part of us.

In solidarity we grind for in success we trust,

June Pezzotti & Sean M. Aaron


Email: dblb.project [at] gmail [dot] com